To remedy means to heal, to cure, to set right, to make reparations.

The Remedy: Queer and Trans Voices on Health and Health Care invites writers and readers to imagine what we need to create healthy, resilient, and thriving LGBTQ communities. This anthology is a diverse collection of real-life stories from queer and trans people on their own health care experiences and challenges, from gay men living with HIV who remember the systemic resistance to their health care needs, to a lesbian couple dealing with the experience of cancer, to young trans people who struggle to find health care providers who treat them with dignity and respect. The book also includes essays by health care providers, activists, and leaders, with something to say about the challenges, politics, and opportunities surrounding queer and trans health issues.

Both exceptionally moving and an incendiary call to arms, The Remedy is a must-read for anyone - gay, straight, trans, and otherwise - passionately concerned about the right to proper health care for all.

 The Remedy will be published by Arsenal Pulp Press in October 2016.


[image description: the cover of the anthology. It spells out the title of the book in ornate letters on a green background, with an illuminated flowering plant underneath.]