More than thirty authors from across North America share their experiences in The Remedy, each essay or poem or drawing a testament to the lifesaving necessity of queer and trans stories. These stories are interspersed with short profiles on a handful of innovative queer and trans health programs and projects, in an effort to highlight some of the outstanding work being done by and with queer and trans communities.

The Remedy: Queer and Trans Voices on Health and Health Care

Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Queer and Trans Health Stories Matter - Zena Sharman

call in sick - Vivek Shraya

Name Game: Being Seen in My Entirety - Kyle Shaughnessy

Unlearning: Improving Trans Care by Reorienting Medical and Nursing Discourse - soma navidson

Navigating This Life as a Black Intersex Man - Sean Saifa Wall

Confessions of a Gender Specialist - Sand C. Chang

Read This Before Your Next Clinical Visit: Cheap Advice for Frequent Patients - Francisco Ibàñez-Carrasco

Queer and Trans Health Innovation Profile: The Q Card Project (Seattle, Washington)

Using Medical Education to Advance Health of LGBT Individuals - Kristen L. Eckstrand

Health as a Spiritual Practice: Or, Please Don’t Call Me “Lady” - Sinclair Sexsmith

Our Caregiving, Ourselves - Kelli Dunham

Queer in Common Country - Kara Sievewright

NIRKwUSCIN - Chase Willier

A Journey Towards Safety - Ahmed Danny Ramadan

Queer and Trans Health Innovation Profile: Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services LGBTQ+ Newcomer Initiatives (Toronto, Ontario)

Sex Work Solidarity as Healing: in four parts - Amber Dawn

The Disclosure of Specialization: A QPOC Therapist’s Questions about Embodied Mirroring and Mentoring - Keiko Lane

Trans Grit - Cooper Lee Bombardier

Queer and Trans Health Innovation Profile: The Trans Buddy Program (Nashville, Tennessee)

Rivers of Our Lives: Stigma and Dislocations as Part of Life Course - Craig Barron

Sick of It: One Patient’s Adventures in Heteronormativity - Caitlin Crawshaw

Remedial Asexuality: Sexualnormativity in Health Care - A. K. Morrissey

Five Things Providers Need to Know about Bisexual People - Margaret Robinson

Queer and Trans Health Innovation Profile: The Affirmations Deck (Toronto, Ontario)

Breaking Down Barriers: A Journey to Increase Collaboration and Understanding Between LGBT2-SQ and Medical Communities - Jenna J. Webber and Rita O’Link

Baby Escape Plan Two - j wallace skelton

Mind Your Words - Xeph Kalma

Queer and Trans Health Innovation Profile: The Catherine White Holman Wellness Centre (Vancouver, BC)

We Don’t Have to Numb Out to Be Out - Cassia Chambers-Gammill and Sailor Holladay

Depathologizing Trans - Eli Erlick

Through the Body - Fayza Bundalli

healing exchanges: the necessity of beloved community for queer survivors of colour - Ariel Estrella

Not a Liability: On Trauma-Informed Care and Community Acupuncture - Lisa Baird

Listen - Sossity Chiricuzio

Waiting on Information from Doctors - Esther McPhee


Art credits:

The Remedy's queer and trans health innovation profiles were illustrated by Sam Bradd.

The cover art was designed by Oliver McPartlin.